- Associated Press - Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome back to BracketRacket, the one-stop shopping place for all your NCAA tournament needs. If you think the lack of breathable polyester in those ridiculous get-ups is the biggest threat to mascots, you may want to go directly to item No. 3. Without further ado:



When the news release first crossed the desk, it seemed like a sign of the times. On reflection, it might be the lamest attempt at a “March Madness” tie-in ever.

“Today, as millions of Americans fill out NCAA men’s basketball tournament brackets at their jobs,” the release began, “one office pool is different. It’s the one for people currently without jobs.”

That means those people don’t have offices to go to, either. But an outfit that bills itself as “a leading provider of enterprise career management solutions,” wasn’t going to let a technicality like that get in the way of a desperate bid for some publicity.

“The contest gives unemployed people a well-earned break from their job searches and a chance to win popular prizes,” the release continued. “It also gives participants an opportunity to interact with one another and feel re-engaged in the workforce.”

BracketRacket is pretty sure that given a choice, the winners would rather have jobs. But judging by the sheer number of icky releases crossing the desk here shamelessly trying to glom on to the tournament for some business or other, the last place to look for one is in the public relations industry. No shortage of manpower there at the moment.



The leader of the free world likes Michigan State to beat Louisville for the national title. Big deal.

Both those bandwagons were close to capacity by the time Barack Obama hopped aboard.

“I know these are not imaginative picks,” he conceded Wednesday during a segment on ESPN, “but I think they’re the right ones.”

So the headline from this year’s edition of “Barack-etology” shouldn’t have been that the eponymous president picked the same two teams a number of bookies and a lot of the smart money in Vegas did - at least once they stopped sputtering how wrong-headed the NCAA selection committee was to give both powerhouse programs No. 4 seeds. No, the takeaway should have been that Obama and Joe Biden, his right-hand man, still don’t see eye-to-eye on some things.

When interviewer Andy Katz pointed out the president had Michigan State beating Delaware - Biden’s alma mater - in the first round, Obama barely suppressed a chuckle.

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