- Associated Press - Thursday, March 20, 2014

DUBLIN, Ga. (AP) - The makeshift hideaway signing table sat behind a Sunday school dry erase board and half of a golden rod accordion room divider; the simple accommodations not belying the very special guest sitting around the corner.

But there was NFL Pro Bowler and second team All-Pro wide receiver Demaryius “Baybay” Thomas, clad in sweats seated at a desk piled high with memorabilia ready to be emblazoned with his monicker and a short note to the line forming on the other side of the curtain.

Even with four years under his belt, and a record performance in Super Bowl XLVIII, Thomas still acted coy and surprised by all the attention coming from “fans” he used to know simply as friends and neighbors.

“It’s good. It’s been a while since I’ve been home,” Thomas said. “Good to see everybody who has supported me for so long.”

Wednesday night’s autograph signing event at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church served as a precursor for Thomas‘ big day Friday, when he speaks before more than 1,500 at the Annual Dublin St. Patrick’s Festival Joint Civic Luncheon.

According to Thomas, the soft spoken wideout hadn’t put the finishing touches on his speech just yet.

“Not yet. Still getting help,” Thomas said. “Most people know I don’t like talking, but I’m excited. It’s a big thing.”

With nearly six weeks separating Thomas from his Super Bowl debut - one where he caught a record 13 passes and since been called a “top five-caliber receiver” by former teammate Erik Decker - Thomas said he has started to digest all that was the Denver Broncos‘ 2013 NFL season.

“You know I have,” Thomas said. “It was a great experience. Although it didn’t end well for us, but to think from my first season when I got injured to my fourth we were play for a Super Bowl and see all those different things, it was special.”

And, for the most part, the experience lived up to Thomas‘ expectations and left him starving for another shot under the big lights.

“It did for the most part,” Thomas said. “I didn’t expect the media day to be like it was. There were like 500 people and they did a lot of different things. Some of them wanted to play little games with

some players, others had all kinds of questions.”

The main question concerning Thomas and Broncos‘ fans is: Will they make it to Glendale, Ariz. next February?

Thomas said if he and the team take the same approach following their loss to eventual champ Baltimore two years ago, they have an opportunity to make another deep playoff run.

“Basically, take this season and build on it similarly to what we did when we lost to Baltimore two years ago following the bye,” Thomas said. “We didn’t play our best football and we know we have some things to work on.

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