Trudeau technically not jailed; still behind bars

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CHICAGO (AP) - A federal judge says TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau is officially no longer serving jail time for contempt in a civil case.

Judge Robert Gettleman made that ruling Wednesday in Chicago. It’s in a civil case in which Trudeau has failed to pay a $37 million judgment, claiming he’s penniless. Gettleman has said he doesn’t believe Trudeau is broke.

The ruling is of little practical consequence to Trudeau. That’s because another judge on Monday gave him a 10-year prison term in a related criminal case, so he’ll stay behind bars.

Gettleman left open the possibility he could jail Trudeau for the civil-contempt violation after his release from prison in the 2020s if he hasn’t paid the $37 million judgment by then.

Both cases relate to false infomercials aired by Trudeau.

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