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She walks two miles a day, has eliminated sugar from her diet and counts carbohydrates. She regularly tests her blood sugar. So far she’s lost 30 pounds and her A1C dropped from 8.7 percent to about 7 percent, near the upper level of ADA’s benchmark levels for control. She said she is working to lower it.

With hypertension medications, her blood pressure is 110/60, well within ADA guidelines. Her total cholesterol, with help from statin drugs, has dipped below 200.

“I have lost 30 pounds and walk five days a week,” said Nash, who takes the oral medication metformin to help reduce blood sugar. “I’ve done everything they’ve told me to do. I can’t say it has been easy, especially at Christmastime, but I have had success and everyone is pleased.

“I’m not perfect but I thank God for the classes I took,” she said. “Without them, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

That sums up the team concept. Educators credit Nash, while she credits the Koshinsky-DeJesus team.

“I can’t say enough how wonderful they were,” she said. “No one in my family had diabetes. I knew nothing about it. All I knew was to stay away from sugar.

“I don’t know if I could have done it on my own.”




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