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Memphis senior guard Chris Crawford remembered Oklahoma State, Gonzaga and LSU as opponents that tried to limit the pace against the Tigers. They won all three of those games anyway, the first two against eventual tournament teams - though were beaten by Oklahoma State 101-80 in an earlier meeting that turned into a track meet. A game at Rutgers was another that the Tigers managed to win just 64-59. 

Against Virginia’s halfcourt defense, Pastner emphasized his team’s ability to move the ball quickly. Close to 60 percent of Memphis’ field goals come off assists. If they are going to get easy shots against the Cavaliers then that trend must continue. Otherwise, they’re playing right into Virginia’s hands.

“You know what you have to do. Can you execute it?” Bennett said. “You might not do it perfectly every possession, but you better do it the vast majority of them. Who can get to their game first?”