HURT: Do liberals understand anything about operating a business?

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“Probably lying,” was this tax expert’s conclusion.

Of course, as any business owner knows or as anyone who is self-employed knows, the taxes you owe in 2015 must be paid quarterly in 2014. And there is no quarter of the year that is more vicious than April, when you must stroke one check to pay your first quarter taxes of the current year and stroke a second check to pay any final taxes you still owe for the previous year.

The whole sad fracas lays bare one of the greatest truths about the American tax system. If there were not this system for withholding taxes so that employees — even “progressive bloggers” like Jesse Lee — had to write a check every quarter to pay his taxes, then taxes everywhere would be a whole lot lower.

And the government, especially the federal government, would waste a whole lot less of your money on useless bureaucrats and bridges to nowhere.

The only downside, at least for Jesse Lee, is that he would be unemployed.

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