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He also did not think insurers would cry foul over the allowance.

“In general, they want more people in the risk pool than fewer,” he said, noting they would object to an indefinite extension.

Several states that run their own health exchanges announced initiatives in recent days to help people who start their enrollments before Monday but run into technical issues on the insurance portals.

Last week, the Silver State Exchange in Nevada approved a 60-day special enrollment period for people who ran into technical problems before March 31, exchange spokesman C.J. Bawden said.

On Friday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney hinted at the federal delay during his regular press briefing.

March 31st is the deadline, as was the case for the December deadline,” he said. “We’re going to want to make sure that people who are already in line can finish their enrollment. But for how that process works, I would point you to what happened in December and how that played out.”