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Take the cases when Delsin replenishes his smoke powers by sucking smoke from stacks. A player places his thumb on the touchpad to initiate the transfer and the sound of sucking travels from the television screen right into the speaker of the controller.

Or, create some building graffiti using the controller like a spray paint can. It’s a magical moment every time I vandalized city property.

Additionally, toss in cell phone calls that ring through the speaker, use the touchpad for activating fingerprint security devices or deactivating gun turrets, use the device’s motion sensing to line up photographs of crime scenes and watch the controller’s headlight start to turn more blue or red as the player turns Delsin more good or evil.

It never got old watching and listening to the controller react.

Despite the buckets of positives of the action, deciding to turn Delsin very bad was rather confusing from a character study point of view.

Yes, I could still have taken the path of good, choosing positive missions, pointing conduits down the path of righteousness, subduing soldiers and protecting citizens, but who does not want to control a supervillain.

So, I found it very unnerving that Delsin so easily could become my favorite cold-blooded killer without any narrative to justify his ferocity. At least Anakin Skywalker had mother and inadequacy issues and Magneto’s mistreatment by Nazis was certainly a reason to turn against humanity.

The deeper I took this spoiled punk into the darkness, unmercifully causing brutal destruction and disintegrating citizens and soldiers trying to surrender into glowing embers, neon bytes etc., he continued with a barrage of seemingly out-of-character witty repartee.

His brother Reggie, by the way, pops in during the game to offer tips and mission help but barely noticed his sibling’s mass-murdering ways.

If a gamer can get past that oddity, and most will not care as they amass the marvelous mutated powers and unleash its destruction, he will find it a real pleasure to become part of Infamous: Second Son.

The game truly delivers an empowering sense of wonder and freedom and helps define what a next generation video game should be all about.

Note: On the launch of the game last week, owners were treated to a free download that added around an extra five hours of game play, including some side mission looking at Cole MacGrath’s legacy as well as a continuing side story to play out over the next six weeks with help from more free downloads.

Having been an enormous fanboy of the Infamous franchise and Sucker Punch’s work over the years, it’s wonderful to see Sony and Sucker Punch tossing players some extra rewards for sticking with the games and its consoles.