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Perhaps we should be concerned, because while publicly lamenting the nuclear security of New York, Mr. Obama himself has been working to undermine that city’s ability to defend itself from a nuclear attack. The New York Daily News notes the Obama administration has again proposed to “slash the budget for the one initiative designed to protect Manhattan from nuclear threats.”

Mr. Obama’s efforts to make vulnerable the American people don’t end in New York. He is also determined to abolish our highly successful Tomahawk and Hellfire missile programs, an action that threatens the security of this nation as a whole.

Liberal corruption and efforts to do damage to this country come from the same disease: politicians’ belief that they are superior, requiring constant evidence for themselves that everyone else is beneath them.

Of course, contempt drives a need to punish. How better to accomplish this than to use political power forcibly creating a society of the weak and vulnerable, while behaving in a manner that reinforces the craven irony that lawmakers are above the law itself.

Americans have grown increasingly concerned with liberals controlling both parties, and this fuels the demand that the conservative ideal return to the governing principles of the Republican Party. It’s time liberals at every level of government find out that their agenda of tearing down this nation, spending us into oblivion while exempting themselves from the rule of law will no longer stand.

The day of reckoning is Nov. 4. In the meantime, Republicans and Democrats alike in Congress have a duty to stop the increasing recklessness of Mr. Obama.

Tammy Bruce is a radio talk-show host, New York Times best-selling author and Fox News political contributor.