- Associated Press - Friday, March 28, 2014

Welcome back to BracketRacket, the one-stop shopping place for all offbeat NCAA tournament needs. In today’s edition, we plumb Richard Sherman’s psyche, debunk Peyton Manning’s talismanic quality, examine Mitch McConnell’s phobia and go channel-surfing with John Calipari. Without further ado:



Stanford was getting sliced-and-diced again as the second half began, right in front of his eyes. Somebody had to step in.

“They need a lockdown defender,” a member of the CBS broadcast crew said.

Conveniently, one happened to be sitting nearby. Two if you count Condoleezza Rice.

Richard Sherman’s seat at the South Regional in Memphis was a row in front of hers (from Twitter: http://bit.ly/OZBii9 ). But then he got his tickets from Tim Tebow (same agent.).

Rice has been a fellow, a professor and the provost at Stanford, and U.S. Secretary of State, but apparently she doesn’t have as much pull. Either way, and other than Dayton clocking the old alma mater 82-72, they appeared to be having a grand time.

You might recall that Sherman, who plays cornerback for the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, made sideline reporting hazardous duty for a few minutes a few months ago (via YouTube.com: http://bit.ly/1g5GN4H ).

But Thursday night, he was his off-the-field self, which is to say both engaging and chilled when AP freelancer Clay Bailey asked whether it was tough watching his team get beat without jumping in.

“Not when it’s not your sport,” Sherman replied coolly. “It’s easier to watch when it’s not your sport.”

That explains a lot.



Meanwhile, the last guy who crossed Richard Sherman’s path in his sport probably regrets it still.

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