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If Mr. Sam’s gender is absolute, meaning he’s still a man no matter who or what he’s attracted to, that undermines the entire premise of this narrative. If Mr. Sam is still just another man, why is his sexual behavior with consenting adults any more news than the out-of-wedlock conquests of so many other players?

Are media personalities with a Christian worldview going to be allowed to speak about this subject with the same freedom as those that don’t have one?

Is the NFL Network telling Kurt Warner what he can and cannot say? What does NBC plan on doing with Tony Dungy, who has always been a staunch supporter of traditional marriage? One sports blog dogged Mr. Dungy on Twitter last year to see if his views on this issue had evolved (translation: has he stopped being a Christian?), and was disappointed when they didn’t get the answer they were hoping for. Will the left now argue the first black coach to win a Super Bowl is a bigot?

Doesn’t the very liberal first lady of New York City prove this entire argument is a scam? The New York Daily News ran the headline “Bill de Blasio proud of his marriage with a former lesbian” in a profile of Chirlane McCray in December 2012.

How is someone a “former lesbian?” Isn’t it once gay, always gay? Mrs. de Blasio also refuses to identify herself as bisexual. If she can suppress her same-sex desires in order to have a natural family, doesn’t that undermine the argument we should alter public policy and shred the First Amendment to recognize people based solely on their behaviors?

Or does the leftist media and LGBTQ activists now want to call the first lady of New York City a liar and say she was never really gay?

If you’re making the case we should undo the moral foundations of Western civilization and rewrite the Constitution to make way for your beliefs, shouldn’t you have to answer these sorts of questions first?

Does the left have any answers to these sorts of questions other than name-calling? I assume the answer will be “no” once they start responding in the comments section to this column.

If the answer is no, then liberty-loving Americans should just say no to the left.

Steve Deace is a nationally syndicated talk-radio host and author of “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again” (Post Hill Press, 2014).