- The Washington Times - Monday, March 31, 2014

Denmark, just ranked as one of the happiest of countries by the United Nations, has now kicked off a campaign that will undoubtedly bolster its image even further on the world stage: Go forth and have sex.

A travel company launched the initiative, called “Do it for Denmark!” United Press International reported.

The aim?

To encourage Danish couples to take a break, go on vacation, have sex — and repopulate Denmark, UPI said.

The vacation travel planning is based on statistics that show Danes have 46 percent more sex when they traveled and that 10 percent actually come home pregnant.

The campaign comes as researchers also find that the birthrate in Denmark has hit a 27-year low.

The travel company, Spies Reiser, is actually offering an “ovulation discount” for those travelers who can prove they actually go away and conceive a child while on vacation, UPI said.



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