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“We are on the road, but it’s a long road,” Waind said. “For somebody who is in city management or wants to be in city management, I can’t think of a city I would rather be in than Minot. It is a dynamic community. It is a growing community. There’s leadership here who have vision.”

A search committee continues the hunt for a successor to Waind.

“What a city manager is going to need are key people in all of the department level positions. I personally believe that I have benefited by having excellent people in leadership as department heads,” Waind said. “You have to have a strong team.”

Waind also has worked with six mayors.

Current mayor, Curt Zimbelman, was on the council when Waind joined the city and when Waind was selected as city manager.

“Overall, David has done a really great job for the city,” Zimbelman said. “He is a very capable person, very genuine, understands people. … He wants to be fair with anyone he’s dealing with.”

Zimbelman said Waind’s long history with the city, his knowledge of the city and his ability to come up with solutions has made him an asset to the council.

Council president Jim Hatlelid agreed. He said Waind’s easygoing manner and calm nature have made him easy to work with in any situation.

Carroll Erickson, a former mayor, said Waind did a good job of balancing the interests of the council, department heads and others who came in contact with the city. As police chief before becoming mayor, Erickson said he didn’t always come out of Waind’s office with what he wanted, but he never felt ignored.

“He did what he thought was good for the city,” he said.


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