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Mr. Cardenas agreed that while the upcoming elections are important, reminding the American people about conservative fundamentals is the top priority.

“The first challenge is for the movement to be united,” he said. “That’s required to move forward toward victory.”

The ACU also will be working to combat disinformation and erroneous perceptions of conservatives, Mr. Cardenas said.

“We have to reach out to the American people directly,” he said. “The way to do that is by a more active person-to-person approach to politics, social media, rallies, the kind of efforts to help spread the word and win over converts.”

Rather than rejecting someone for their beliefs, it’s about persuasion, he said.

“You can’t get to a majority that way. You have to persuade them to join your ranks,” Mr. Cardenas said. “Our job is not so much in the electoral arena; our job is moving the political thought and inclinations of the American people toward the conservative movement. Once we accomplish that, the rest follows.”