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“We had 109 people Tuesday,” Espich said.

The post’s current goal, Espich said, is to raise enough to buy another chair for another veteran this year.

Action Manufacturing of Marshall, Minn., developed the Action Trackchair after 30 years in the recreational motor sports business, according to the company website. Company founder Tim Swenson originally developed an off-road wheelchair for his son Jeff.

Quintana looks forward to seeing how his new chair and its tanklike treads increase his mobility in the field.

Last fall’s deer hunting season wasn’t as successful as Quintana had hoped.

“I never got one,” he said. “I could have gotten one on the first day, but it was a small deer and I was hoping to get a bigger one. I should have gone ahead and shot the first one, but that’s the way it goes.”


Information from: The Indianapolis Star,