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“There have been no awkward moments. If it’s possible, it’s brought us even closer together,” he said.

Coach Ryan Sachire said it’s been business as usual with the team.

“The guys have said, ‘OK, it’s part of Matt, it’s who he is, that’s great. We love him. He’s still a great teammate of ours and we’re going to move forward as a team and not think about it,’” he said.

Dooley, who is from New Braunfels, Texas, said he’s received support from around the country and hasn’t heard anything negative. Still, he sometimes struggles with certain thoughts, such as the idea he may never have children.

“I’ve come a long way and I’m comfortable with who I am. But I also wanted to explain that I’m not perfect. I’m not completely free from any pain from it. It’s still there. Still at times it just hurts. Certain issues are still just painful,” he said.

The most important message he wants to get out is to let people struggling with their identities know that they will be accepted.

“The point of this was to let people know they’re not alone,” he said.