- Associated Press - Sunday, March 9, 2014

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) - To say that Michael Curry was stressed is an understatement.

A service member who has been in the U.S. Army for more than 21 years, he had just arrived in Vigo County with his family - wife, four teenage children, mother-in-law and two dogs - when he learned the home loan he had obtained in Texas was denied.

He was running out of money, feared his family would be homeless and he had to report back to Texas that Friday.

It was Oct. 23, his daughter Caitlyn’s birthday.

“I was about 30 minutes from a nervous breakdown,” Curry told the Tribune Star (http://bit.ly/1oDf0NF ) on Wednesday.

What happened, though, was a community at its best when a Terre Haute real estate company, title company, hometown bank and others worked together - and worked late - to make sure the out-of-town loan went through and the Currys could move into their new, Shrine Hill home.

“I love Terre Haute,” said Curry, who will be retired from the military in April and now lives in Vigo County. He grew up and has family here, while wife, Aimee, has family in northern Indiana.

He’s been deployed or in the field for about half of their 20-year marriage, said Aimee, and they’re both still adapting to civilian life.

She still talks about shopping at the commissary, instead of the grocery, and they still use military time.

He’s been deployed twice to Afghanistan and once to Iraq; he’s also spent time in Kosovo, Egypt and South Korea. They lived in Germany for nine years.

In Afghanistan, he was an adviser to the Afghan National Army.

And it was while he was in Afghanistan last March that the family began their search for a house; Michael knew he would be retiring from the military.

Online, they saw a Shrine Hill home they liked, but it went off the market and they looked in other communities, too.

“When I came back from Afghanistan (in August), this house hit the market again,” he said. The Currys wanted to live on the north side, and the home had several features they liked.

“It had the country look” that included an arched brick feature over the kitchen stove, Michael said.

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