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“It was such a slight move that it was not discernible by the naked eye,” Russell said. “He didn’t know. He knew something happened when he grounded his club and felt like he pressed the grass down. And it came right back. Everything went down and then the grass went down and the ball came back up. He knew something happened, he backed away from that, but it took something really zoomed in that was not seen on regular television to determine if the ball did indeed move. And it did.”

Rose said it was “interesting” that Decision 18/4 was not mentioned Saturday night as he met with officials. He said he only learned about it through comments he was getting on Twitter, and when he saw the decision, it sounded exactly like what had happened to him.

“We have never had this tool before that we could apply,” Russell said. “We asked for this and we feel like that this is the first time this has ever been used and we feel like this is exactly why this decision is in there. … I think he deserved exactly what he received under the rules.”

Rose said he wasn’t going to argue with the officials Saturday night that he would happily go along with whatever they decided.

“I’m certainly surprised it’s overturned,” he said. “Very rarely is that ever the case. Never, ever the case. I’m not sure.”