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The din over the Republican investigation of the Benghazi terrorist attacks is only going to get louder as indignation grows among incensed Democrats and pundits. House Speaker John Boehner appears poised to be the adult in the room.

“This is a serious investigation. I don’t want theater. I don’t want a sideshow. I want the members of this committee to find the facts for the four families who lost their loved ones, and the facts for the American people,” Mr. Boehner told Maria Bartiromo, host of Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures”.

The Ohio Republican said the committee will probe requests for security from the Benghazi facility leading up to Sept. 11, 2012; establish a clear timeline of the attack; and examine how the White House framed it all “in a way I believe they knew was false,” Mr. Boehner said.

“The American people deserve the truth. The truth is important for this case so we do not ever get into a situation like this again. There are a lot of lessons to be learned here, and that will be one of the charges from me to the committee,” the speaker said.

Yes, but will everybody get along when the investigation gets rolling?

“All the committees that have worked on the investigation are going to be required to turn over all of their documents, committee records, notes, work product, to the select committee so all the documents will be in one place. And it will be up to the select committee to review all those documents and to make decisions about how to proceed,” Mr. Boehner advised Ms. Bartiromo, who was also curious about the cost of it all.

“Oh, this isn’t going to cost any more money. We’re going to pay for the cost of this committee out of existing House funds,” he replied.


Homemade, inexpensive stink bug traps crafted from simple household items outshine pricier models designed to kill the invasive bugs. So says a Virginia Tech research team from the Department of Entomology at the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Here is their advice following a two-year study in 16 homes: “The best way to get rid of the little buggers is to fill a foil roasting pan with water and dish soap and put a light over the pan to attract the bugs in a dark room. The trap eliminated 14 times more stink bugs than store-bought traps that cost up to $50.”

The team, who will publish their findings in the Journal of Extension, adds: “Though the solution is not new and has been promoted on YouTube and other websites, this is the first time it was actually tested in a scientific experiment.”


49 percent of Americans say “none or a small portion” of government statistics are reliable and accurate; 69 percent of Republicans, 51 percent of independents and 26 percent of Democrats agree.

26 percent overall say the “about half” the statistics are reliable and accurate; 21 percent of Republicans, 27 percent of independents and 32 percent of Democrats agree.

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