- Associated Press - Tuesday, May 13, 2014

EFFINGHAM, Ill. (AP) - The date was March 30, 1964.

America was still grieving the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Vietnam was just starting to show up on the minds of the American people.

The St. Louis Cardinals were getting ready to begin another National League season - one that would end with the team’s first World Series title since 1946.

Oh, and a recent Dieterich High School graduate named Becky Poynter began work as a secretary at what was then known as the Effingham County Office of Education.

Over the years, another Kennedy was shot; American troops stayed in Vietnam for more than a decade; and the Cardinals won a few more world championships.

Becky Poynter eventually became Becky Bailey and Effingham County was forced to merge its education office with those in Bond and Fayette counties.

Bailey has continued in what has become the Regional Office of Education, doing much the same things - albeit in different ways - that she did when she started.

“Everybody knows I don’t like change,” Bailey said. “Giving this up would be a big change.”

Bailey celebrated her 50th anniversary in the office on March 30. She is believed to be the only person to ever be employed by the county for that long. On April 21, the Effingham County Board presented her with a nameplate that notes her long tenure.

Bailey will be the first to say she didn’t expect to be working the same job for five decades. Like many young women of her generation, she thought her future was in the home.

“I figured I’d get married and raise a family and stay home,” she said. “But I never did.”

While she did marry Jim Bailey on Nov. 24, 1971 and had a son, Craig, in late 1983, attitudes had changed, and it wasn’t unusual for the mother of a young child to work outside the home.

“I’d been at it so long by then, I decided to stay,” she said. “I was hooked.”

Bailey said she had trouble finding a job after graduating from high school. After spending that summer and fall helping dad Emmit on the family farm near Eberle, young Becky got a job for the holidays at the former G.C. Murphy store in downtown Effingham.

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