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Pakistan has long been a part of the proliferation of ballistic and nuclear weapons, including to such wonderful nations as North Korea and Iran.

India is just finishing its marathon election cycle, and the BJP Party will likely have a ruling coalition with Narendra Modi as India’s new prime minister.

Barack Obama has talked about his so-called “pivot” toward Asia. The theory is to contain an expansive China. If Obama is serious about anything other than ensuring an American decline in the Pacific and the rest of the world, as soon as the Indian elections are final, he should invite Prime Minister Modi to the United States for a state visit.

And if Barack Obama won’t do it, in 2015, when Republicans control the House and the Senate and Obama truly is a lame duck, the Congress should invite Modi.

Obama’s entire foreign policy seems to be to cower to any other powerful nation and pander to nations and groups that hate America.

It will be years before America can rebuild itself into a superpower. For one thing, we will need a president who believes America is and should be a great nation.

Right now we need friends and allies in the world. In Asia and the near East, it is hard to think of a nation that we should be reaching out to now more than India.