- - Thursday, May 15, 2014


The American people have never given our government the right to operate carte blanche on behalf of the masses. The government must be accountable to the people as an elected entity. To work off the philosophy that the end justifies the means is a recipe for disaster. Yet that is exactly what is occurring.

With the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservative groups and deception at the highest levels with regard to Benghazi, we see a governing body with total disregard for the law. The mainstream media simply overlook these events as right-wing conspiracies. After all, in their eyes, it’s the end — President Obama’s liberal programs — that far outweigh the importance of the means he uses to achieve these goals.

To them, if targeting conservatives is required to ensure the implementation of a socialized health care system, that is an acceptable means. If deceiving the American people about the Benghazi terrorist attacks is what it takes to ensure the president’s re-election, then that was a justifiable means.

The American people deserve better. We deserve the truth. Even a “smidgen” would be nice.


Anniston, Ala.