- - Thursday, May 15, 2014


There’s a hubbub over the “botched execution” of an Oklahoma inmate recently (“Botched execution could renew ‘cruel’ challenges,” Web, May 1). The complaint campaign was launched mainly by liberal nuts, none of whom, apparently, has ever had a relative or friend shot, buried alive and left to die by a ruthless criminal.

These protesters hoot and holler about needing to have those who murder others killed painlessly. As a war veteran, I have an idea for executing inmates like this, and it does not include a firing squad using a BB gun or a pellet rifle so that the killing would be swift and painless. My program would use a high-powered rifle and include a few dry-fire bullets to keep the attention of the murderer in question and alert him to what’s coming next.

If Oklahoma, Florida or any other state needs training, I am available most days.


Dade City, Fla.



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