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Janet Mefferd is a nationally-syndicated radio host for Salem Communications, considered by many to be the most powerful Christian media company in the country. She was offended that Dr. Moore would paint his own allies with such a broad brush.

“Rather than following his ‘doctor’s orders’ not to listen to Christian talk radio, I think Dr. Moore would do well to listen to a lot more of it,” Mrs. Mefferd said. “If he did, he would hear what I hear on the shows of my many friends and colleagues in the industry: faithful presentations of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, love and compassion for individual sinners, and, yes, Biblical and bold proclamations of truth to a dying culture.”

I attempted to reach out to Dr. Moore before writing this column but was told he had “scheduling conflicts” and was not available. When I offered to wait another week before writing the column to accommodate his schedule, I was then told “Dr. Moore will not be available for an interview.”

Had we connected, I would have asked Dr. Moore if he has succumbed to a fallacy many in my generation have wrongfully accepted. This fallacy — usually spewed by church “thinkers” in hipster glasses, sporting trendy facial growth, and Birkenstocks to go along with their skinny jeans — is that if we’re too cool for school and are seen drinking lots of designer coffee the world will like us more. That’s right, it appears the same insipid consultants out to ruin the Republican Party have sunk their vile clutches into the church as well.

If this is true how do you explain my career? I have an unashamed Christian worldview and am hardly a shrinking violet. Yet I now write for The Washington Times as well as several other national outlets, have appeared on all three cable news networks (including MSNBC), and host a nationally-syndicated radio show on commercial radio.

Not to mention the irony of Dr. Moore lashing out at his own base with the same sort of grumpy commentary he was criticizing them for. Furthermore, if the culture unilaterally rejects confrontational language, how come the Left never hesitates to use it successfully against us?

The history of the faith shows bolder is better. Does it get any bolder than dying for your cause and rising from the dead afterwards? The God of the Bible often names names and isn’t bashful about being a name-caller when it’s justified. Just as a soldier in the heat of the battle may use salty language to make his point, when lives and eternal souls are at stake God doesn’t always channel Ms. Manners. If Jesus really is just the hippy philosopher of Galilee the Left portrays Him to be, there would have been no reason to execute him. Instead of crucifying him, Rome would have just invited Christ to sit on its diversity council.

Consulting Christians to be “nicer than God” in order to win over the lost is a false choice. Besides, we are currently selling more books, movies, music, and merchandise than ever before — and we have more mega-churches than ever before as well.

If Dr. Moore really wants to help us be more effective communicators, convene a national conversation about why the culture continues to drift left despite the fact we’re making more money than ever before.

(Steve Deace is a nationally-syndicated talk show host and the author of “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.” You can follow him on Twitter @SteveDeaceShow.)