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The special investigative committee will supersede the work done by Mr. Issa and several other committee chairmen who had been looking into Benghazi.

Mr. Boehner’s announcement comes just a day after two of those chairmen — Mr. Issa and House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. “Buck” McKeon — clashed over one of Mr. Issa’s witnesses.

A retired Air Force brigadier general testified to Mr. Issa’s committee on Thursday that the military should have been better prepared to respond to the attack, and that they were waiting for guidance for the State Department, which is one reason they didn’t deploy a response force faster.

Mr. McKeon issued a statement challenging that version, saying that the general wasn’t in a position to know, and saying that his committee’s investigation had shown that wasn’t the case.

That clash of findings underscored the trouble of having multiple committees investigation the same complex issue.