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Mr. LiMandri told me by phone that depositions often feature only him and as many as six SPLC-affiliated lawyers.

Flying in two-dozen witnesses and producing tens of thousands of documents is expensive. The SPLC has no problem with money. By contrast, Mr. LiMandri, who says he is confident that our court system will not extinguish the right to self-determination, has had to borrow substantial amounts to fund the defense. The Alliance Defending Freedom has also provided some support.

Keep an eye on this case, which is expected to come to trial in February. If Mr. LiMandri and JONAH win, it will be a huge victory for self-determination, freedom of speech, freedom of association, parental rights and freedom of religion.

If they lose, a rather large American candle of freedom that we have taken for granted will have been blown out in the name of — tolerance.

Robert Knight is senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a columnist for The Washington Times.