Scientist to Bill Moyers: Throw politicians ‘in the slammer’ for questioning climate change

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A Canadian scientist recently argued to PBS host Bill Moyers that politicians who question climate change should be “thrown in the slammer for willful blindness.”

“If we are in a position of being able to act, and we see something going on and we refuse to acknowledge the threat or act on it, we can be taken to court for willful blindness. … It’s an international crime,” geneticist David Suzuki said during an appearance on “Moyers & Company.”

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Mr. Moyers seemed to agree with the notion, though he ultimately dismissed the idea as unrealistic.

“The problem is, if that should happen — if politicians were to be convicted to willful blindness to the fate of the Earth and future generations — there would have to be mass arrests, and lots more funding for new prisons,” he said. “We’re not talking about a mere handful of culprits. It’s hard to know where to start.”

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