- Associated Press - Thursday, May 22, 2014

Aberdeen American News, Aberdeen, May 21, 2014

Offensive T-shirts show why ‘Sioux’ logo was retired

There is a reason why many people are offended by the team name “Washington Redskins.”

No matter how many times racial slurs are recast as “paying tribute,” knuckleheaded fans always remind us the real meanings of these names and logos.

Take the University of North Dakota students who used the school’s former “Fighting Sioux” Indian head logo on T-shirts bearing the inscription “Siouxper drunk.” The shirts, apparently, were worn for an annual spring student party, according to the Associated Press.

If any graphic sums up the racial meaning of these team icons, it’s got to be this T-shirt.

In some ways, UND is lucky. The “Fighting Sioux” logo and nickname are being phased out after a contentious battle. So no longer will the university condone offensive stereotypes - or, at least, they won’t look as hypocritical when they punish students for taking the iconography to its extreme.

In a world where Donald Sterling owns an NBA team and skin color is still considered a costume for D.C. sports fans, the problem in North Dakota is no surprise.


Capital Journal, Pierre, May 21, 2014

Bosworth campaign tries to wear the white hat, but does it fit?

Someone in the Annette Bosworth campaign must have been lying awake some night when the Big Idea came: Build a website for Bosworth and use it to attack corruption while also attacking the front-runner in South Dakota’s Republican primary.

Doubtless thoughts like that pop up regularly during the long, weary nights of political campaigns, but they should be discarded before morning. This one wasn’t.

And so was born www.giveemheckannette.com , a website that is, in essence, a platform to attack front-runner Mike Rounds while also trying to remain righteous.

That second part of the strategy doesn’t work too well.

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