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Within this comfortably familiar and linear confines of a first-person shooter, the above-average story flows seamlessly through the power of the PlayStation 4.

We get a consistent narrative about the horrors of tyranny and war brought to light with some touching character development, all mixed in with a steady stream of eye-popping visuals to make the player feel the need to towel off after his latest enemy encounters.

On a more solemn note, mixed in the absurdist, futuristic narrative is the constant reminder through numerous scenes that the Nazis existed, and they never flinched while performing atrocities against minorities and enemies of the Third Reich.

Voice acting really brings the player into the action while character design reminded me of the stylishly grotesque imagery of famed Judge Dredd artist John Hicklenton.

Be it a cackling female German officer looking to play a deadly psychological game with our hero, the Nazi super soldier cyborgs (with disfigured faces) or the scarred sadistic prison guards, it’s a creepy-looking journey for the player tasked with survival.

Although Wolfenstein: The New Order never attains to the complexity or design beauty of a Bioshock, it still delivers a stress-relieving punch for the mature gamer.

It was my pleasure to take vengeance on one of the greatest forces of evil in the history of mankind with no mercy.