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“It is a great pleasure to welcome Barry to Washington as the new head coach of the Capitals,” MacLellan said. “Barry’s teams have always played with structure, discipline and intensity, and I look forward to him leading us to success for many years to come.”

Leonsis and Patrick conducted extensive exit interviews at all levels of the organization after the season. With McPhee’s contract up, they wanted to do a thorough examination and find a consensus on what went wrong in 2013-14 and why the franchise has trended down in recent seasons. That investigation led to the dismissal of Oates and the decision to not re-sign McPhee. It also gave a hint into Leonsis‘ thoughts on the front office overall.

“I will also say, I was impressed with the organization. We have a lot of great people,” Leonsis said last month. “We have a lot of really, really fine, high-integrity people throughout the organization. We’re in good shape and that was I think a positive contributor that we could make a change like this and still feel we could function. I think we have really strong staff everywhere in the organization.”