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Could a Half Halloween or a Quarter Thanksgiving be next? An Iota of Election Day? It could happen. There’s talk in the Garden State of expanding on holidays for economic reasons — a tricky notion for Gov. Chris Christie to ponder, and potentially every other elected official.

“Whereas, Half St. Valentine’s Day encourages residents to celebrate the half way point between Valentine’s Day 2014 and Valentine’s Day 2015; and whereas, the summer celebration will allow residents throughout the State to enjoy the spirit of Valentine’s Day without the harsh conditions of winter and will create a positive business climate and promote economic activity in New Jersey; and Whereas, it is altogether fitting and proper for this House to designate August 14, 2014 as “Half St. Valentine’s Day” in the State of New Jersey.”

— From a new resolution before the New Jersey State Assembly recently proposed assemblyman John McKeon, who says the idea is economically sound, representing “an effort to assist businesses to recoup losses and promote economic activity” following lousy weather in the state on Valentine’s Day this year.


The place was a diner in the southern part of the Granite State. The occasion: a convivial endorsement to lend public evidence that there’s some unity in the New Hampshire Republican Party.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte formally endorsed Scott Brown in his quest for U.S. senator in her state in an eatery adjacent to Nashua city hall on Tuesday. Mr. Brown, a former Massachusetts senator, appears ready to return to Washington to do battle with Democratic foes, who currently hold three of the congressional seats in New Hampshire.

“She can’t be down there struggling and fighting three against one every single day. I would be honored if I have the opportunity to go down there and be her right-hand person, her wingman,” Mr. Brown told the crowd.

“Please send me a teammate in Scott Brown that can fight against what we’re seeing in Washington. Get the federal government out of the way of our businesses, let our businesses create jobs,” Mrs. Ayotte noted in reply.

Former New Hampshire Govs. Steve Merrill and Craig Benson were also on hand to lend their support.

“Scott stands for the Constitution He’s not going to allow judges who want to interpret the Constitution in evolving ways. He won’t allow judges to become revisionists,” Mr. Merrill said.

Among others, Mr. Brown faces conservative Karen Testerman and former U.S. Sen. Bob Smith in the state’s GOP primary.

“My message to Scott Brown is to stop hiding behind endorsements and accept my challenge to debate the issues in 10 counties in front of the true endorsers — the voters,” Mr. Smith advises.


66 percent of Americans disapprove of Karl Rove raising questions about Hillary Rodham Clinton’s age and health.

46 percent of Republicans, 84 percent of Democrats and 64 percent of independents agree.

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