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“I have not spoken to anyone who knew any of the three deceased, but I can only say it was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time,” he said. “I’m glad the massacre wasn’t directed at the Chinese community in particular. Personally, I don’t feel any less safe after this incident.”

The Institute of Higher Education, in their 2013 Open Doors report, found the issue to safety to come after factors such as a school’s quality of research, reputation for future career and the university’s reputation for overseas students. The report, which represents 8,000 international students from 18 U.S. universities, found that safety ranked fifth place out of 26 factors for international students deciding which U.S. university to attend.

Mr. Garrett noted international students’ different perceptions on safety when they are attending a rural school compared with in an urban area. He said any student studying in an urban area in America will come in with eyes open, but said he did not see it as a huge problem when studying in an American university.

“Overall, safety is an important issue, but most international students don’t cite it as a problem on campuses,” he said.