- Associated Press - Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The 20 officers added to the New York State Police Officers’ Memorial in Albany, including 12 from the New York Police Department and one from the Peekskill department whose deaths were attributed to cancers from their work at ground zero:

-State game protector Samuel Taylor, shot to death in 1914 patrolling the banks of the Mohawk River.

-Yates County Deputy William Leach, who died in 1957 from injuries in a car crash.

-Buffalo Police Officer Patricia Parete, who died of injuries from a gunshot wound originally received in 2006.

-State Trooper David Cunniff, who died of injuries sustained when his patrol vehicle was struck by a truck during a traffic stop on the Thruway in Amsterdam in December.

-State Trooper William Keane, who suffered a fatal heart attack at a commercial vehicle inspection event in Utah in August.

-State Trooper Winston Martindale Jr., who died in July from injuries sustained at the site of a 2011 plane crash in Orange County.

-State Trooper Ross Riley, who died of injuries from a fall during rescue training in Wyoming County in November.

-NYPD Officer Karen Barnes, who died in 2011.

-NYPD Officer Ronald Becker Jr., who died in 2012.

-NYPD Lt. Steven Cioffi, who died in 2013.

-NYPD Detective Carmen Figueroa, who died in 2013.

-NYPD Officer Richard Holland, who died in 2012.

-NYPD Detective John Kristoffersen, who died in 2012.

-NYPD Officer Frank Macri, who died in 2007.

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