- - Thursday, September 11, 2014


Certainly the past more than 5 years under the Obama administration have borne witness to the greatest decline in America’s prestige, both here and abroad. President Obama’s “wobbly foreign policy” has been a disgrace for this nation and an insult to our allies (“Obama’s wobbly foreign policy,” Web, Sept. 2).

It is time to admit that Mr. Obama does not have the foggiest notion how to conduct foreign policy, a failing now being noted even by members of his own party. From the very beginning, the president has downplayed the threat posed by not only fundamentalist Islam, but also adversarial nations that now include Russia, Qatar and Turkey, as well as enemy countries such as Iran, North Korea and Syria.

The ship of state is rudderless under Mr. Obama, as he attempts to appease our enemies while refusing to support our friends. International chaos has been the result of his failure to adopt a consistent foreign policy. He has failed to anticipate the obvious and responded ineptly. Wiser heads even in his own party, including that of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, have pointed out Mr. Obama’s shortcomings. This is a wise choice, particularly when the American public has already seen this president’s lack of leadership.


Silver Spring



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