- - Thursday, September 4, 2014


Hillary Clinton for president? Is this really the best the Democratic Party can do? Have we already forgotten Whitewater, the investigation into Hillary’s $100,000 profit in cattle-futures trades, Vince Foster’s death, “Hillarycare,” her “reset button” failure with Russia or the Benghazi atrocities and ensuing cover-up attempt?

There must be Democratic presidential candidates out there who are not indoctrinated by liberal-progressive dogma. There must be individuals who comprehend the great issues facing our people and nation: the out-of-control, $17.7 trillion national debt, the disaster that has been Obamacare, how acute the economic decline of our middle class has been. We have the lowest percentage (63 percent) of participation in the workforce in 32 years. We have an unemployment rate of 13.6 among our youth, an education crisis, an illegal-immigration crisis and a do-nothing Senate controlled by Harry Reid, who blocks all the Republican legislation he can.

Finally and perhaps most worrisome is the Islamic State threat to our security and survival, a threat that President Obama underestimated.


Santa Barbara, Calif.



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