- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 7, 2015

An Arizona-based university is offering wannabe drone pilots the opportunity to learn how to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle in less than three weeks using a flight simulator from home.

The Unmanned Vehicle University is the first university in the world licensed to grant doctorate degrees in unmanned systems. It’s trying to attract potential students to its three-phase drone pilot training certificate program, which students can participate in from the comfort of home and without jeopardizing their full-time jobs, according to John Minor, the university’s provost.

The $3,500-per-person program consists of three parts with part one and two conducted in the student’s home with the use of a flight simulator, according to an April 7 statement. Phase three of the program requires the student to travel to one of the university’s flight schools around the country and work hand in hand with an expert flight instructor, according to the statement.

Drone pilots will be in high demand once the Federal Aviation Administration integrates unmanned aircraft into the national airspace system at various test sites across the United States and moves toward creating a more drone-friendly environment in the country, Mr. Minor said.

“As FAA regulations become finalized, and they will, you are going to see drones incorporated into just about every industry known to man,” he said. “Drones reduce risk, save money and dramatically increase the productivity of every field they are used in.”



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