- - Thursday, August 13, 2015


On an almost daily basis I read in The Washington Times an article in reference to man-made climate change. The Times prints the articles as if this subject were fact. It is not.

There is no evidence or verification that human activity causes climate variations. I challenge anyone to find any. All we have are words from the lips of government scientists. Further, the climate is always changing naturally. Please stop printing these reports as though climate change were scientific fact. My blood pressure can’t take much more. If anyone feels this assertion is real, I challenge you to find verifiable proof. There is none.

I suggest the Times print a disclaimer at the beginning of every climate-change article stating there is no scientific proof available that man does anything which harms our climate. I also ask that you have more guest writers explaining in scientific terms what I am saying here. If we do not fight back, the government will issue more regulations. These regulations are intended to control the people, not the environment. We must fight this with facts.


Mount Airy, Md.



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