- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 6, 2015

Geraldo Rivera tweeted Wednesday a threat to beat up Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone.

“When I see you around Fox News I’m going to kick your racist ass punk,” the Fox News host tweeted.

Mr. Geraldo’s outburst came after Mr. Stone dismissed CNN contributor Ana Navarro and former CNN contributor Roland Martin as “quota hires” for the network.

“@ananavarro & @rolandmartin have twice the intellect and integrity of @RogerStone,” Mr. Riverashot back. “@realDonaldTrump doesn’t need thugs like him.”

Mr. Stoneresponded by calling Mr. Rivera “pathetic” and a “hack” who was “fired by Fox for his lack of ratings.”

Last month, Mr. Rivera got into a heated exchange with co-host Eric Bolling over Mr. Trump’s campaign, saying, “You’re lucky that you’re my friend. I’d knock you out right now,” Salon reported.



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