- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hillsboro, Ohio, Mayor Drew Hastings is facing backlash for a Facebook post he made last week claiming black people “have all but formally declared war on whites.”

Mr. Hastings, a professional comedian who was re-elected as mayor last month for his second term, warned in the now-deleted post that “we are in a revolution in this country,” a local ABC News affiliate reported.

The comments came after the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado on Friday that left three people dead. In a preceding post, Mr. Hastings called the shooting a “clever, devious fundraising effort,” ABC reported.

“Blacks have all but formally declared war on whites, ideological types are fighting with Planned Parenthood, there’s violence over immigration, Muslim extremism and our own government is at war with its citizens,” Mr. Hastings wrote. “This isn’t ‘lone wolf’ stuff. It isn’t a crazy with a gun. [It] isn’t ‘domestic terrorism.’ These are all skirmishes in a revolution that’s here.

“Pick your side and pick your battles. We are about three steps away from All Bets Are Off,” he added.

Though the posts have been deleted, constituents are commenting on older messages to voice their frustration with the mayor.

On Mr. Hastings‘ post that read simply, “Black Friday Matters,” one commenter wrote: “Mayor Hastings, you may have pulled your rant, but you told your neighbors and the rest of the country all we needed to know about your character. It’s not a pretty view.”

“You, sir, are delusional,” another wrote. “Black people have not declared war on whites. They’re standing up for themselves as full American citizens who are damned tired of being marginalized, abused, and killed for no reason. And there are plenty of white people who are on their side.”



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