- The Washington Times - Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sen. Rand Paul is vowing that the Senate under Republican control won’t be anything like the one run by Democrat Harry Reid — specifically, because more measures will be brought to the floor for a full vote.

“We will vote, vote, vote and pass legislation,” Mr. Paul said during an interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News. “The last several years, Harry Reid said no Republican amendments. [His attitude] … was my way or the highway.”

Mr. Paul also mentioned that some of those votes would focus on dismantling or changing parts of Obamacare — and that Republicans now have the opportunity to bring forward their own version of health care reform.

Ms. Van Susteren asked what shape that reform might take.

“We could try freedom for a while,” he said, Newsmax Senate-votes-GOP/2015/01/05/id/616596/” target=”_blank”>reported. “We had it for a long time, where you sell something, and I agree to buy it because I like it. That is how we operate in most of the marketplace other than health care.”



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