- - Sunday, June 7, 2015


Hillary Clinton’s main problem in her long-term campaign to become president is having that heavy monkey on her back that is impossible to shake off: Bill Clinton, the impeached and disgraced former president.

Hillary used to be a likable and attractive woman, but all that is gone with her change of personality and looks. She now appears tired and has been shown to have too much baggage on her cart (plus said heavy monkey).

I am not a cartoonist, but if I were I would draw Hillary holding a bag full of $100 bills spilling all over the floor. In her right hand she would be pulling a train of baggage with “Benghazi,” “Whitewater,” “Rose law-firm billing,” “Cattle features,” “Secret e-mails,” “Vince Foster” and other labeled items spilling out. She would appeared disheveled, and daughter Chelsea Clinton would be drawn in the backgrown, cheering Hillary on and saying “Come on, Mom!”

Hillary will no doubt will be the Democratic candidate for president — but she will never be president.





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