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WILLISTON, N.D. (AP) - With safety always a concern for families, there will soon be a less-lethal means for those who choose to empower themselves.

Last year, there were 56 investigations made and 16 arrests for sexual crimes in Williston. Although, there has been an outstanding amount of progress made in the city since the height of the oil boom, it still leaves some to wonder how safe are we - especially women - are.

At the Williston Fight Club and Yoga, owner Josh Lebsock has brought on international Krav Maga trainer, KC James. James says Krav Maga or literally translated means “contact combat,” is a self-defense system that was developed for the Israeli military.

Krav Maga steers away from traditional martial arts training and focuses on real-life situations and counter-attacks, the Willison Herald (http://bit.ly/1AMLAsJ ) reported.

James will be hosting weekend self-defense seminars at the Fight Club, saying the focus will not necessarily be on people’s techniques so much as their reactions.

“A real fight is sloppy–we will do drills where we incorporate confusion, disorientation, and fatigue,” explains James.

He looks to incorporate a lot of information into the training, such as indicators before an attack. He will do a three-part series that covers striking, escape from grabs, and weapons.

“I want to put blueprints in your brain - a flinch will become an attack” says James.

In the event of an abduction, it has to be a fight for life at point A, because one might not be given the option if the attacker gets a person to point B. James states that the idea is to inflict injury as fast as possible because the first person injured will usually lose.

“You train as the underdog,” James said.

Fellow Fight Club instructor, Lorena Markezic, understands that situation all too well. She explains a time in her life where she had been attacked but was thankful for martial arts training, as she successfully evaded a much worse outcome.

James will be training Markezic to do women-only classes in the future. Although James emphasized, “It’s just as important for men and women.”

In the instance of a fight, “I can peacock, but I’m a big guy,” Lebsock said. “Not all people are as big as me or have had training.”

Lebsock, James, and Markezic are flushing out the details so they can offer the most of what people are looking for in a self-defense class.

The first series is expected to begin on June 13 and run the next three Saturdays. The second session will begin on July 11.


Information from: Williston Herald, http://www.willistonherald.com



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