- - Wednesday, March 4, 2015

As predicted, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech of historic proportions to the U.S. Congress and the Free World on Tuesday. “Bibi” effectively called on lawmakers to repudiate President Obama’s emerging nuclear accord with Iran, lest it “pave Iran’s path to the bomb.”

Mr. Netanyahu noted that, in the midst of the negotiations, Iran is practicing attacks on American aircraft carriers and thwarting UN monitoring of Tehran’s current obligations.

Should Mr. Obama’s deal actually be completed along the present lines, it will precipitate more nuclear proliferation, not less. And it will reward Iran for its intransigent pursuit of not only nuclear weapons, but long-range missiles with which to deliver them. It will, in short, intensify the danger we face from this ultimate “rogue state.”

Those are cold facts, not hot air, Mr. President.



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