- - Tuesday, November 3, 2015


The arrest of David Black is welcome news in the Arlington community (“Arlington man charged in estranged wife’s stabbing death,” Web, Oct. 30). Bonnie Black’s death depicts the reality of domestic violence and the lethality associated with it.

Prior to Bonnie Black’s death, the final divorce proceeding was imminent. It is a known fact that police had responded to the home in the past for domestic violence issues. The victim had even stated in court documents that behind closed doors David Black was a very violent man and she was afraid of him.

Unlike many victims who continue to stay in bad situations and remain caught up in the cycle of violence, Mrs. Black did everything right. She obtained a protective order through the court; she no longer lived with her husband; and she was in the midst of divorce proceedings. She did everything in her power to extricate herself from a bad situation and tragically lost her life despite her serious and well- intentioned efforts.

Sadly, her two young children will now grow up without their mother and will someday learn the reality behind her violent victimization. Depending upon what they were exposed to at the scene of the crime, before they were found wandering in the street outside the home, it is highly probable they were traumatized.

The impact of Bonnie Black’s death affects many others, too — her family, friends, colleagues and the community. The secondary victimization endures and the only solace is the fact that an arrest has been made.

Though David Black is innocent until proven guilty, the Arlington County Police Department has worked diligently and consistently for many months. Following Mrs. Black’s death law enforcement undertook countless hours of investigation to obtain vital evidence needed for the arrest.

As this case progresses through the criminal justice system, the hope remains that truth will prevail so Bonnie Black can obtain the justice she profoundly deserves.


Adjunct professor

Dept. of Forensic Psychology

Marymount University




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