- - Wednesday, August 3, 2016


The Bible speaks about a man named Nehemiah, who upon learning that the walls of Jerusalem were falling, decided to leave his prominent position serving a king and go to his homeland to repair the city walls. Nehemiah’s passion (and sometimes harsh methods) resulted in the restoration of Jerusalem.

There are many today who believe the walls of America are crumbling, as unknown numbers of illegal immigrants flood past our southern borders and racial separation and civil unrest threaten the fabric of our society. These are indeed troubling times.

While Donald Trump’s no-nonsense business approach offends some, it may be exactly the leadership America needs at this critical time. Like Nehemiah, he is leaving a successful career to rebuild his country. And like Nehemiah, his forceful style will no doubt leave victims in its wake. However, for a nation that has seen such reprehensible social changes brought about by the Obama administration, Mr. Trump’s zeal to rebuild and restore America is a welcome relief.

Throughout history God has used people others might not have thought fit for the position to accomplish a purpose. It is time voters, who value the American ideals of hard work and pride in the American way, unite in the support of the Republican Party nominee. To consider not voting or supporting a third-party candidate will only ensure that our country continues the descent it has begun over the past seven years.


Anniston, Ala.



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