- - Thursday, February 11, 2016


Thank you for running “Obama is no incompetent” by Don Feder (Web, Feb. 11). Mr. Feder’s analysis is right on the money; President Obama knows exactly what he is doing. I believe he was certain, too, that his plans to “fundamentally” change this nation would succeed because he knew the mainstream media, liberal to its core, would support everything he did and never challenge him. He knew Democrats would support him because Democrats always support, in lockstep, their party. He knew the Republican leadership was feckless and would make only paper-tiger attempts at reigning him in. And finally, he knew that as the first black president, he would be immune from criticism — and if criticized, the press would attack the criticizer as racist. He was right.

I also believe Mr. Obama’s ‘transformation’ agenda has reflected his disdain for our Constitution and Congress. This disdain has been in evidence numerous times during Mr. Obama’s issuance of executive orders to do what Congress would not do. He’s long known Democrats would never oppose his executive orders and Republicans would be too timid to actually fight. The GOP has demonstrated its timidity time and again with its inaction.

Shame on Democrats, Republicans and on the voters who voted for Mr. Obama — twice.





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