- The Washington Times - Friday, February 12, 2016

The political arm of the Club for Growth has unloaded another attack against GOP presidential contender Donald Trump, calling into question the New York billionaire’s conservative credentials in a television ad running in South Carolina.

Club for Growth Action has been one of the most vocal critics of Mr. Trump and announced a $1.5 million ad campaign in South Carolina that claims there is “nothing conservative” about Mr. Trump, accusing him of supporting “the largest tax hike in history,” socialized single-payer health care” and “eminent domain for personal gain.”

“There’s nothing conservative about for bankruptcies,” the narrator says in the ad. “There’s nothing conservative about giving money to the Clinton. There’s nothing conservative about Donald Trump.”

The Club for Growth also ran ads in Iowa last year casting Mr. Trump as a false conservative.

Since then, Mr. Trump finished second in the Iowa caucuses and first in the New Hampshire primary — giving him a boost of momentum heading into the South Carolina primary on Feb. 20.

For his part, Mr. Trump demanded earlier this year that David McIntosh, the head of the Club for Growth, step down earlier, saying he tried to shake him down for money before he launched his campaign over the summer.

Mr. McIntosh denied the claim.



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