- - Monday, February 8, 2016


If Donald Trump were to become president he would most likely make this country rich financially. Still, ancient Rome fell, wealthy but lacking morals; wrong was just as good as right in the public square.

America today has numerous ethical problems. Abortion is killing a living human in one of his or her stages of life. Same-sex ‘marriages’ are empty and self-centered. Americans no longer live under a constitutional republic form of government, but rather under the spell of diversity, false correctness and a jumble of three branches of government that are often indistinguishable from one other. About half of our youth seem to call themselves socialist, apparently not realizing that some educators, like the incessant hammerings of a woodpecker, are downing the oak tree of the Constitution through true socialist censorship in the classroom. These days TV more than citizens, picks U.S. presidents.

Sadly, ‘mum’s the word’ when it comes to these ravens knocking on the stained windowpane of society. What we do as individuals is our own business, but what our nation sanctions is everybody’s business.


Winthrop, Iowa



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