- - Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Our nation was formed by men who proclaimed the existence of self-evident truths as their impelling reason for forming a new country. Today we have become baffled by the following: which restroom an individual should enter, which sexes should be present in a marriage, whether a human fetus constitutes a human life, and whether university students be provided ‘safe areas’ free from personal views in opposition to their own.

Much of this nation has lost even the comprehension of self-evident truths easily understood by a six-year-old. The rejection of the observable fact that neither our Founding Fathers nor our Constitution declared a separation of church and state has opened wide the spigot of secular foolishness. We are a nation no longer of self-evident truths supplied by God, but of self-proclaimed truths supplied by self-gratifying men. The first built a great nation, but the current is delivering on an Obama promise to fundamentally change America.





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