- - Thursday, June 23, 2016


President Obama and his administration recently took major steps to protect radical Muslims. They even went so far as to use extreme measures to change the Orlando terrorist’s expression of allegiance to Allah to an expression of allegiance God in telephone-conversation transcripts. This is an insult to Judeo-Christian religions. Fortunately Mr. Obama failed in this instance.

Our president swore to protect the Constitution, which includes freedom for all religions. But while Mr. Obama is determined to protect Islam, he is attempting to persecute Christians. For example, he has tried to force contraceptives and early abortions into the health-care plans of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Mr. Obama pursued this soft persecution through the courts for several years, and when it reached the Supreme Court his administration was forced to admit it could achieve its health-care goals without involving the Little Sisters of the Poor and other groups with the same religious tenets.

Mr. Obama’s actions should make us all question where his allegiance lies, and whether is he trying to pave the way for radical Muslims to take over our country.


Silver Spring



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